About Me

I’m a 25-year old beauty enthusiasts who’s constantly finding inspiration from the glamorous women of decades past. Images of the 20s, 60s and 70s really made me realize that true beauty is timeless and that my goal (above being trendy or having the latest-it item) is to develop a signature look and a healthy, balanced approach to beauty. ┬áMy life moves too fast (working in the fashion industry and living in NYC) so I’m often chugging green juice as I lace my boots on my way out of the door; but I do believe in dedicating time and care towards my beauty routine. I believe in spending inordinate amount of time on my hair, my skin, my cosmetics and fitness. I truly believe that developing a solid beauty regimen gives me much needed balance and the confidence to move through life with gusto.

I started this site to shine a light on the amazing women who keep me dreaming and to share DIY treatments that have stood the test of time. You’ll find ┬ábeauty tips and tricks, I’ll share my favorite products and most importantly I’ll learn with you all and only pass along the advice that matters.

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for daily updates.

I’m also developing a product line but more on that later. For now, please enjoy the site and come back for updates!


Brooke DeVard (aka ZouZou)