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20.02.14 | Dorthy Dandridge

Dorthy Dandridge (November 8, 1922 – September 8, 1965)

“Throughout her life, Dorothy lived and behaved like an actress. Never would she be like any ordinary worker who at the end of the day left the job behind. She exuded drama and intensity at every turn. People seeing her, whether or not they had any idea that she was in show business, knew immediately, from the presence and the aura, that here was a woman who had to be an actress. It would be that very quality, of always being dramatic, being like an actress, that would eventually help win her the respect of Hollywood itself. A real star always looks like a star, moves like a star, speaks like a star, acts like a star, even when she’s living in a small cottage and is daily trying to make ends meet. Young struggling actress became both the role and the reality of Dorothy Dandridge’s life; the determination of her newfound identity.”-Donald Bogle