Beauty Secrets

22.08.14 | Holiday Hair

I’m so sad to say goodbye to summer. I had the most incredible journey through Tuscany with beautiful day trips to Rome, Pisa and Florence. These gigantic sunflowers were in a massive field outside of Chianti. Stunning, aren’t they?

One of the things I’ll miss the most about the season is care-free summer hair. In the photo gallery above, I’m rocking a ‘fro hawk/pompadour’ style that’s ridiculously easy to re-create.

Normally, I’ll start with an old twist-out (in this case my hair had been blow-dried a week before so my twist out looks a little limper than usual, I prefer when it stands up taller).  I create 8-10 twists before bed and unravel them gently upon waking. I then use an afro pick to separate any visible parts and create volume. The final step: I slide 2 hair combs on either side of my head to create the mohawk effect.

The final look is retro-chic and effortless with a short LBD and ballet flats. I also love that it takes less than 5 minutes from waking to achieve the style. Whether you have sunflower fields to wander or not, we all have better things to do than spend hours on hair styling. Try this style the next time you’re in need of a perfect, fuss-free, ‘I have better things to do’, easy look.